Between two girls' hearts lies a rift. One of misunderstanding, conflicting views and deceit. Each having a dream far too different from that of the other, but somehow keeping themselves ever so similar. Struggling to keep up with your own responsibilities, you stopped being a dreamer long ago. By chance, the lives of these two girls engrosses your world as you unwittingly form new bonds with them whilst trying to mend the broken ones they once held so dear. Maybe then, their dreams can come to fruition as you learn more about them and what matters the most to you.


Interact with a whole cast of fun and quirky characters in our upcoming romance visual novel! Follow the stories of two charming heroines in a traditional, highschool visual novel format.

High Stakes - High Quality

Two years is a long time to spend on a project, right? We've crafted Chemically Bonded to be one of the best, upcoming visual novels for the end of the decade. Excited? Stay tuned for more updates!

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